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Bitcoin mining profitibility calculator with realistic projections of future difficulty.

Browse other questions tagged mining-profitability mining-hardware.Interested in BitCoin and various. or less profitable than some other popular multi-algo mining pools.These factors have led to a close profitability parity between both networks as bitcoin mining is currently only 2-6 percent more profitable to mine.

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The price paid per Watt will greatly influence profitability.

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A Closer Look at various Bitcoin Miners and Profitability. is used as it is purpose-built for the SHA-256 algorithm that bitcoin mining.

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Mining Pool Stats - Pie chart showing the market share of the top bitcoin mining pools Rejected Inventory - Blocks and transactions which have been rejected by our.

A Closer Look at various Bitcoin Miners and Profitability

If you want to invest in bitcoin mining without the hassle of managing your own.