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Sign in. Watch now. Oscar Bonsetter tells a dying prisoner that he will take revenge on the sadistic guard who killed him.

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Although predictably dismissed by critics, the resurgence of American softcore erotica in the s and through to the Nineties is one of the more intriguing and unexplored genres of cinema. Emerging in the wake on Nine and a Half Weeksthese films were soft focus erotic romances aimed largely at a female audience one that, perceived wisdom would tell us, wants erotica, not porn and they were churned out en masse. They were fooling nobody.

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Lake Consequence - sexy movie scenes. Bollywood King Sharukh khan. Whats the name of movie or actress.

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At this moment, she's remembering her journey to Hollywood inan excursion with her husband Jacques Demy as well as the occasion for filming the documentary Mur Mursabout LA's outdoor wall murals. Along with the art, she remembers as well a "swarm" of other vintage US moments, indicated here by stock footage of Black Panthers, hippies, and Southern California seashores, as well as TV commercials. Still, it's a telling "swarm," indicating the methods by which she sorts through her life thus far -- her persistent embrace of new experience and above all, her love of cinema. Probing her past, ruminating on its possible meanings and effects, the documentary is at all times lovely and allusive, a gift of images, moving in multiple ways.

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Where else can you surf, snowboard and ride horses, all before lunch? But in reality it is both much more — and much less — than that. We know that Poole is totally vile because he squints an awful lot, a foolproof tipoff to bad intent on TV.

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Vinegar Syndrome had another stellar year inmarking nearly five years of madness on film with a raft of bizarre and fascinating releases from the '70s right on through All six of these releases definitely deserve a spot in your collection, but click through the gallery below for more details. Director Earl Barton's Trip with the Teacher is one of those films that has for years been relegated to the bargain bin in those 50 Films on 2 Disc collections at the bottom of the Walmart dump bins, but leave it to Vinegar Syndrome to take this nasty little piece of work and do it up right.

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Archives RSS. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. With the wildfire spread of hardcore clips online, there no longer seems to be a market for the genteel, plot-based softcore in which he specialized.

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Duke Decter is an American hardcore punk guitarist and entertainer, and currently the Producer of the podcast series "The Proving Ground with Tank Abbott. Decter started his career at 15 years of age in the South Florida hardcore punk band "F". F was featured on several compilation album releases including 'Flipside's Vinyl Fanzine 1' including notable punk acts the Misfitsthe GermsAgent Orangeand The Necros.

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PLOT : A plague of victims go bald and turn into psychotic killers; the one common factor appears to be a variety of acid, Blue Sunshine, taken during their college days. Maybe if The Big Chill had an unhinged leading man and psycho killers… but Blue Sunshine is the next best thing. It was just the right film at just the right time to skewer the Sixties generation, who were turning from lives of idealism and awareness towards materialism and narcissistic self-examination.

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The plot focuses on a series of random murders in Los Angelesin which the only common link between the perpetrators is a mysterious strain of LSD that they had all taken years prior. Over the years, the film attracted a cult following[2] [3] [4] and was released on special edition DVD by Synapse Entertainment in It has been shown at many film festivals since.


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