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Top definition. Temari unknown. Temari is the daughter of the Fourth Kazekageas well as being teammate and sister to Gaara and Kankuro.

Treated as an outcast and shunned, Yami has never been shown any kindness before. Until she meets Gaara one day. This is the companion to Broken Wings.

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Shikamaru and Temari first met during the Chuunin Exams, where they were paired to fight against each other. Shikamaru had no interest in fighting, but the aggressive Temari forced him to fight her. Temari noted that he was a skilled strategist during their fight.

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My friend Crimson Eyed Sakura and I came up with this very naughty, naughty story. CES: I didn't think of anything except the title, Temari's parts, and pieces of the story. You lay on my bed with your legs spread, the wonder oh God that runs through my head.

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If you are not 18, or are offended by sex, I do not reccommend this story for you. I do not own Naruto, or the characters "Temari" and "Shikamaru". They are both works of Kishimoto, not my own. This fanfiction, however, is my own creation, and should not be copied in any way.

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It's more Het! I'll admit though that for me, if we're talking Naruto Het, then this pairing is kind of my true love. And that is why this story could not exist without some ShikaTem.

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