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Background and Objectives: Lichen planus is a relatively common chronic inflammatory disease of oral mucosa and skin. Cortisol, also called as "stress hormone", has been used as an indicator in various stress evaluation studies. Salivary cortisol measurement is an indicator of free cortisol or biologically active cortisol in human serum and provides noninvasive and easy technique.

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Background: Oral submucous fibrosis OSMF is one of the most commonly occurring potentially malignant disorders in India and south East Asian countries where betel chewing is common practice. Iron and ascorbic acid are important agents for collagen synthesis. Aims: The aims of this study were to estimate the levels of iron and ascorbic acid in serum and saliva in patients with OSMF and to correlate change in levels of iron and ascorbic acid with the histopathological grading of OSMF.

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Hyderabad: Scientists of the city based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics CDFDin collaboration with evolutionary geneticists from Germany, have characterised the diversity in the salivary microbiomes of people from various parts of India in the first such study. It revealed that the saliva of people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh contains certain bacteria which are unique to the region. This is indicative of the presence of distinctive food habits, climatic conditions and endemic oral diseases. According to the paper, bacteria from genera have been isolated from the saliva of the sampled population, which include bacteria from nine new genera that have so far not been included in the human oral microbiome database.

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Aim: The aim of the present review article is to establish a systematic review to describe the role of various salivary components such as pH, buffering capacity, proteins, electrolyte, antioxidant, enzymes, and minerals in occurrence and initiation of dental caries in participants with and without dental caries. Results: A total of articles were retrieved through electronic database. After evaluating the title, abstract, and full text of these articles, only 11 were selected for the present systematic review.

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Online ISSN : Comparison and correlation of glucose levels in serum and saliva of patients with diabetes mellitus. Veena V.

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Materials and Methods: In this prospective study of 14 months duration, blood and saliva samples were collected from 40 patients suspected to be suffering from NCC and were subjected to anti-cysticercus IgG antibody detection by ELISA. Results: Anti-cysticercus IgG was detected in serum and saliva of 34 and 30 patients, respectively. Cases positive for salivary antibody were positive for serum antibody and their serum CRP level was higher than normal.

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Can saliva be a marker for predicting Type 1 diabetes mellitus? Advanced Search. Advanced Search Users Online: Aim: To estimate and correlate salivary glucose levels with serum glucose levels in type 1 diabetes mellitus patents and healthy controls.

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Paan has many variations. Slaked lime chunnam paste is commonly added to bind the leaves. Some preparations in the Indian subcontinent include katha paste or mukhwas to freshen the breath.

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This complex body fluid is gaining popularity due to its ease of collection, safety in handling and its close relationship with plasma. Analysis of saliva for serological testing and cellular content has proved to be of wide use in crime detection, drug and alcohol abuse, hormone identification, cases of poisoning and animal bites. There is a need for forensic laboratories to automate the settings specific for saliva as routinely done for blood or urine in order to consider saliva as the primary investigating tool in the absence of other body fluids.


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