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The initiative was triggered after year-old Geerte Piening was sentenced to a fine for urinating in public on the street. The main advantage compared to the classic toilet, compact space requirements, is lost with the latter design. From to , the American Standard company marketed its mass-produced Sanistand. In case any females have little experience with urinals and do not know whether to approach them forward or backward, instructions may be posted. This position is generally the most comfortable for females and is associated with the lowest spray dispersion.

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Berlin now has some unisex toilets and unisex urinals, to be used by both sexes.

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From to , the American Standard company marketed its mass-produced Sanistand. This construction method requires less space, allows for more people to urinate at the same time while promoting better hygiene and economics, and keeps the toilet stalls cleaner and more available for those who need them - which is currently one of the main advantages of installing male urinals. This development at the turn of the century was not followed up in Germany and these first approaches were increasingly forgotten. The advantage of the unisex urinal is that it catches women's and men's urine stream earlier and thus avoids the otherwise unavoidable splashing and is thus simply more hygienic. Females prefer to take a squatting position with the stream controlled by the posture of the entire body and directed vertically downwards to slightly obliquely backwards. They enjoyed great popularity and were highly frequented.

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