Uncensored woodstock photos

uncensored woodstock photos
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The counterculture mantra of peace and love won out with an audience that hit almost half a million who got to enjoy Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin, among others. The film was more than three hours long and featured performances by 22 of the artists that played at Woodstock alongside footage of the already immortalized audience. Here, a woman catches up on sleep as she waits for traffic to clear up. After encountering some local opposition, Yasgur impassionately addressed the Bethel town board:. Attendees climb the sound tower to see the stage. A woman enjoys a smoke while sitting atop a decorated bus near the free stage of Woodstock. We were burned out and tired of the festival scene

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By some reports, thousands of young children attended the festival.

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23 Pictures That Show Just How Far Out Hippies Really Were

The traffic jams caused by the enormous amount of festivalgoers on the road reportedly measured as much as 20 miles long. A children's playground was set up to accommodate the amount of kids in attendance. A large group wait for a bus to take them to the festival grounds. The Doors turned down an invitation to play at Woodstock, believing it would be a "second class repeat of Monterey Pop Festival. Strapped for cash and time, Woodstock's organizers contracted the festival's food service to a fledgling group with almost no prior experience.

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