Saline infusion scrotum

saline infusion scrotum
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She swabbed the insertion point before and after the procedure, and unwrapped new equipment prior to use. Casually, Paulus tried to reassure me. Depending on the bag's volume, the stream's speed, and your own personal tastes, this can feel like a regular IV, or something much more painful. My scrotum is a thin sack of skin that contains part of my reproductive system. The most liquid I've held in my sac has been around 1, milliliters. I decided to inflate my nutsack. Bella and her partner Paulus have run Piercing HQ for three years.

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Kaylynn. Age: 22.
saline infusion scrotum

Perhaps noting my unease, Bella told me, "If I'm putting in a couple of liters into the balls, then you'll start getting expansion in the shaft of your cock and also around the pelvic area; you'll start to see that get a bit puffy.

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Baylee. Age: 21.
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What It's Like to Have Your Balls Inflated

I've been interviewing body-modified humans for years and have frequently heard the phrase, "I like the pain. Once all the saline comes out of your body, your balls are back to normal, there's no adverse effect. Between them, their involvement within the fetish community is vast and notable. But the discomfort was so overwhelming and foreign that I ensconced myself in bed. The results were not immediately life-changing. Speaking to the couple in such a relaxed, matter-of-fact way eased me over the edge.

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