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hairy greek woman
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I used to have my arms waxed regularly and I made my mum swear on my life that one day she would pay for me to have laser hair removal on my snail trail still never happened, mum, I'm looking at you. Again, I'd like to reiterate that said acceptance isn't about reaching some higher level of zen or self love, it's literally just about having too many other things that are far more worthy of my worry. Which is why it's especially nice that the battle against hating your body hair definitely can be won. Note to hairy self-tanners from a former hairy self-tanner: this logic is extremely flawed. Nothing bums a hairy girl out more than having a hairy lower back. This is, I'm assuming, at least partially because I am Greek, if that helps you with the imagery at all.

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Journey. Age: 21.
hairy greek woman

Being a hairy lady is hard, especially when unrealistic standards of beauty in the media would have you believing that every grown woman is as free of body hair as she was the day she slid out of the womb.

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Carlee. Age: 28.
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6 Struggles Only Girls With A Lot Of Body Hair Will Understand

I would obsessively bleach and shave and wax before any occasion at which my body would be exposed a pool party, for instance. Nothing bums a hairy girl out more than having a hairy lower back. Now, I'm not looking for sympathy. My mum calls my hairy lower back my welcome mat which never ceases to gross me out. I accept and even celebrate my inherent hairiness inHAIRent?

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