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Dot is assigned to be lab partners with Connor, a star basketball player. David Rooney of Variety found that it "seems unsure whether to push for suburban-Gothic psychosexual excess or tongue-in-cheek malevolence The actors were brought together before filming commenced to go through ideas relating to the film, in order that they were familiar with the long-term situation of the characters. Their partnership arouses jealousy in Michelle Fell, Nina's loud-mouthed best friend, who likes Connor. Instead, she mentally addresses the audience with continuous interior yammer.

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breaking the quiet full

However, once he discovers tampons in her purse, he realizes that she is lying and is only attempting to obtain the money to get away from home.

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Brooklyn. Age: 23.
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Views of the acting of the two leads were often positive. Meanwhile, Nina confides in Dot that she is planning to kill her father and then running away and becoming a stripper , believing she can become famous "like Courtney Love. When Paul's body hits the ground, Nina starts screaming and cursing at Dot. Views Read Edit View history. Dot is a young, orphaned, deaf and mute teenager. I hated your face, your dumb blank stare.

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