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Prevention of pregnancy and of any STI is very important. These are discussed in more detail below. Some rapists have themselves been sexually abused in the past, although the vast majority of people who are sexually abused do not become rapists. This is important because using the word 'survivor' defines you by what you experienced, rather than by who you are. Shame leads to self-blame and is linked to eating disorders, substance misuse, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Recovery from the shock and trauma of rape and sexual assault can take anything from a few weeks to many years. Anal effects : non-consensual anal penetration is highly traumatic.

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Survivors of childhood or adolescent sexual or physical abuse are more likely to experience rape and sexual assault as adults.

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Sexual Assault

The marks it leaves can sometimes be used to prove the identity of a rapist. It usually leaves bruising rather than cuts and is often on the breast. Previous sexual abuse which has never been addressed may lead to physical symptoms of pelvic pain, other long-term chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. Injury occurs more easily and may not heal well without medical help. Rape and sexual violence are widely used as weapons of war and are also associated with ethnic cleansing. You may worry that you cannot trust other friends. Prevention of pregnancy and of any STI is very important.

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