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Church of Tollhouse Ministry Center. Rob's Readables. We're Talking Baseball

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When she gets home I would not want her bottom when her father starts in on it. I think after Wendy gets done spanking Mackenzie, Mackenzie strangely falls in love with her Then Wendy becomes her domineering girlfriend that spanks her over the most trivial things. Maybe Wendy can introduce Mackenzie to her other female friends and they can take turns tarnishing Mackenzie's bottom.

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She felt her mother quickly pulling away her blanket, then giving her a push so that she lay face-down instead of on the side. Writing on Facebook at twelve thirty in the night? Michaela usually was careful, hiding everything she did on facebook from her mother.

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Author's Note: All right, so obviously we all know where this is headed. I do want to let everyone know that I am somewhat fond of the other mother, and while I will not completely change her form, I do want to make her seem like she has a little bit of heart left in her monstrous body in my story I'm the kind of gal that loves to gives every villain a chance at being a little nice, just to see what it'd be like, before of course I let them be evil again LOL so she will seem somewhat loving after the ordeal in this story, but I can't decide whether or not I'll have her still be evil afterwards or if her heart will melt for Coraline. Therefore, I might make two endings to this story. Please keep in mind again, that this is merely a story, and that's why Coraline's punishment will seem very harsh…but then again we have to consider the source of the one carrying it out.

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A short, fun read — not of good literary merit. Lots of voyeurism, exibitionism and humiliation. Another Village story.

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FTM for short. If you dare. Because if she happens to be vertically short, you might just lose a life.

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Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry.

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The components are as follows. Combine that with the recent story survey and more people were okay with a full spanking given over panties than I expected. As this is my preference then this is the route that I went.

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Thank you for writing such a beautiful spanking story of a naughty mother receiving a knicker's down spanking on her bare bottom. The last spanking that the erring mother received, she was wearing suspender-belt and stockings, which accented her naked derriere to the fullest. What I like most about your stories is the spirit the women have both when they misbehave and when they get their just desserts in the form of a hard, bare-bottomed spanking.

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This story is my mirror version of Kathy's story where Daddy's girl gets a spanking. Here Mommy's boy is getting a spanking. At the end of Kathy's story Daddy's girl sucks his cock. Mirroring Kathy's story, this one starts with a "punishment" spanking and ends with sex for Mommy.


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