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Like their western counterparts, the Capital Wasteland centaurs were created by infection with the FEV along with the super mutants. Gameplay articles: Fallout 3 , Fallout: New Vegas. Sign In Don't have an account? An even bigger variety of the evolved centaur, the giant evolved centaur is the largest and most dangerous variation of centaur to be discovered to date. Physically, these centaurs are around the size of a bear, with a large, misshapen torso and six humanoid arms that serve as legs. Centaur Evolved centaur Giant evolved centaur Moe. Campbell than the version, The Thing From Another World which featured a walking plant-man in which said alien entity consumes genetic material from various dogs and humans, eventually producing such a misshapen chimeric appearance.

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Gameplay articles: Fallout , Fallout 2.

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Their birthplace, like the super mutants, is Vault This kind of centaur can be encountered both in the West and the East of the former United States. Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas. The human part would end at the bottom of the torso, where the hindquarters of a horse would begin. Centaurs of all known varieties are not harmed by radiation , but seem drawn to it, as they are often found in heavily irradiated environments.

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