Koga x kagome

koga x kagome
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Short but Sweet, Please read. Only For by Kuroeia reviews [Kouga x Kagome] Kouga has been injured by a youth-hungry sorcerer who wants to use the wolf demon's strength against him. Her Heart by maddy midnight reviews Kouga finds Kagome Sitting on a log in the middle of a clearing. When Kouga falls into a deep sleep, his soul trapped by the sorcerer, Kagome gets struck with feelings she never knew existed. Another Way by Prince-Kitten reviews When Kagome begins to reach her breaking point with Inuyasha, will Kouga step up and prove that he is the one for her? Because you are in love with a DEAD girl!

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The only one she can trust now is Koga

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Sesshomaru Claims Kagome Fanfiction

Kagome has faced up to reality that Inuyasha will never put her first. Stars by Ariz0na-Sky reviews One night Kagome leaves camp to think about what Inuyasha has made her believe for years. But what happens if a certain wolf catches her? A Wolf's Heart by Minako Miharu reviews They say time heals all wounds, but what they should say is that sometimes time opens eyes as well. Only For by Kuroeia reviews [Kouga x Kagome] With friends on both sides, will she bring the packs closer together, or further apart?

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